Bison Dazed with No Snow Days

After Halloween, students of North Dakota State must prepare for something scarier than freakish clown sightings and never-ending Midterm exams — winter weather.

On Oct. 26, students were notified through an email about the Winter Weather Policy in place on campus.

First, a Severe Weather Protocol Crisis Management Response Team is in place to make decisions regarding closure of the university due to weather conditions.

Along with the administration’s assistance, the group will decipher how much snow, is too much snow.

Once the university’s team of snow experts make a decision, the Campus Emergency Notification System (CENS) will announce any decision that would disrupt the operations at NDSU.

Local media will also be utilized by campus officials to spread the message of the closed university.

Posted announcements will be made available about campus status on the NDSU website, or the information update line at 231-INFO.

Although cancellation criteria does exist, the email explained, “Snow or low temperatures normally are not reasons to close the university, but significant amounts of snow might warrant a delayed start.”

Campus will most likely only be closed in the early morning or late nights to leave ample time for the roads to be cleared of snow by the emergency workers.

Snow days are being predicted by forecast stations, such as the forecasters at Columbia University’s Earth Institute.

Analysis suggests a 70 percent chance of a strong La Niña that is expected to form and create severe weather conditions.

“As it stands now, it could swing sharply into a record-breaking La Niña. The most likely outcome is a moderate to strong La Niña by January,” Scott Sutherland and Mario Picazo, meteorologists for the Weather Network, said.

This would cause the midwestern states to experience a more active storm season, with a combination of intense cold and wind.

There will be stronger winds, more snow and campus closures.

Fall is on its way out, but weather seems to be headed in a student favorable direction.

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