Bison Ambassadors ready to release philanthropy podcast

Alissa Knudson | Photo Courtesy
The Podcast “Hearing from the Herd,” is hosted by NDSU students

The podcast will help educate listeners about philanthropy on campus

North Dakota State University students will release a podcast channel discussing Philanthropy and its effects on NDSU students. These podcasts will air towards the end of January 2021 and will be posted on any media that allows podcasts, such as Spotify or Apple Podcasts. 

The podcast, “Hearing from the Herd,” is hosted and run by NDSU students who are a part of Bison Ambassadors. Bison Ambassadors is a student organization that works to provide opportunities for other students around campus. Sponsored by the NDSU philanthropy and alumni, this program plans events such as Homecoming, Senior Day and other events.

Students who are a part of this podcast are able to gain real-life experiences. Students learn to record, produce, host and market their projects. Currently, there is a group consisting of about eight students working on “Hearing from the Herd.” This group has already recorded some of the podcasts, but they will not be released until the beginning of next year. 

The goal of this podcast is to educate NDSU students and other interested listeners about the importance of philanthropy at NDSU. Philanthropy influences NDSU scholarships, and it helps support and guide students throughout their college careers. 

Sophie Lind, a vocal music education major, is the host and producer of this podcast. “We want to educate people on the behind-the-scenes of philanthropy, scholarships, the NDSU foundation, the In Our Hands campaign and a few other key topics,” said Lind. 

The students will bring in a guest speaker to discuss philanthropy every week for the podcast. These guests will bring further insight and knowledge into the podcast. 

The NDSU Foundation, the philanthropy program, allows people from the community, alumni or other citizens to donate to NDSU. This money benefits the students, the faculty, the programs and the facilities on campus. The goal of this foundation is to form relationships and partnerships and to improve the lives of those who are passionate about NDSU. 

Many NDSU students are able to experience new opportunities through philanthropy. “We wouldn’t run without the amazing donors and supporters we have,” Lind States.

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