Bills to watch in ND

A look at the most monitored bills introduced by North Dakota’s 68th legislative assembly as of Jan. 21, 2022.

Senate Bill 2031

Relating to the prescription drug reference rate pilot program; provide a legislative management

report, provide a penalty and provide an expiration date.

Action: Committee Hearings

House Bill 1205

A bill to amend and reenact section 12.1-27.1-03.1 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating

to objectionable materials or performances; and to provide for application. This bill would

prohibit public libraries from promoting or maintaining explicit sexual material containing the


1. Human masturbation;

2. Deviant sexual intercourse;

3. Sexual intercourse;

4. Direct physical stimulation of genitals;

5. Sadomasochistic abuse;

6. Postpubertal human genitals;

7. Sexual preferences;

8. Sexual activity;

9. Sexual perversion;

10. Sex – based classifications;

11. Sexual identity; or

12. Gender identity

Action: Committee Hearings

Senate Bill 2212

A bill for an Act to amend and reenact subsection 10 of section 32-15-02 and section 49-19-12

of the North Dakota Century Code. This bill is regarding the right of pipeline carriers to exercise

eminent domain, specifically carbon dioxide pipelines.

Action: Committee Hearing

House Bill 1249

This bill would require schools to designate their athletic and sports teams as male, female, or

co-ed and relates to limitations on use of government facilities for athletic events.

Action: Committee Hearing

Senate Bill 2199

This bill defines gender as an individual’s determined sex at birth (male or female) and would

provide a penalty for use of pronouns other than those assigned at birth. Applying to policies,

records, forms, rules, standards, procedures, guides, materials, instruction, training,

correspondence, advertising, or marketing used by any entity receiving state funding, including

a public school, an institution under the control of the state board of higher education, and a

state agency or office.

Action: Second reading- failed to pass with 8 yeas and 39 nays, 1/20/2023

House Bill 1301

This bill relates to prohibiting medical gender transitioning procedures on a minor, to provide a

penalty and to declare an emergency.

Action: Committee Hearing

Senate Bill 2231

This bill adds “Preferred Pronouns,” defined as a pronoun that does not conform to the

individual’s assigned sex at birth and, unless required by law a government entity may not

require an employee to use an individual’s preferred pronouns or designate and employees

preferred pronoun in workplace communication, as well as prohibit a board of a school district, a

public school, or a teacher in a public school from:

a. Adopt a policy or practice regarding expressed gender;

b. Provide or authorize classroom instruction recognizing expressed gender; or

c. Provide or require professional development recognizing expressed gender.

Unless otherwise required by law.

Action: Committee Hearing

House Bill 1254

This bill would prohibit certain medical practices from being performed on a minor regarding the

perception of a minor’s sex unless exceptions are met as well as provide a penalty and to

declare an emergency.

Action: Committee Hearing

House Bill 1139

This bill relates to required elements on birth records, which must either be male or female and

an entry of not yet determined and is prohibited unless sex can not be determined.

Action: Senate received from house

Senate Bill 2209

A bill relating to when carbon dioxide common carriers may exercise the right of eminent


Action: Committee Hearings

All information gathered from: AND the ND Century Code

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