Beyoncé Slays at the 2017 Grammy Awards


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Shortly after announcing she was pregnant with twins, Beyoncé totally rocked her performance at the 2017 Grammy Awards

All eyes were on Beyoncé as she sang a medley from her Grammy-nominated album “Lemonade.”

What made the performance memorable was her mother introducing the performance and its center on motherhood.

Shortly before the Grammy’s, on Feb. 6, Beyoncé announced she was expecting twins in a photo on Instagram. This shocked and excited fans everywhere. This announcement seemed to be the center of her performance.

The night’s most nominated winner started her performance with a video montage. Her mother and daughter were also in the video, wearing similar outfits. She mixed video projection with her body to create shapes. Just by appearance, people said it looked like a goddess. Others said she looked like the sun.

Later in her performance, the singer rose to a table surrounded by girls, like the famous “Last Supper” painting. She walked all the way down the table to sit on a chair that then tipped back at the edge of the table. She gets down and walked over to the center where she ends her performance with “Sandcastles.”

Viewers initially thought of the African goddess Osun, the goddess of fertility, creativity, love and water.

“Her performance is about the African goddess Osun or Oshun,” an audience member said. “She is the deity responsible for love, creativity, fertility. Osun is also the goddess of water.”

The next comment had other ideas: “You got African mythology out of this performance really? LOL. I got a religious reference like the Last Supper, like it’s their last chance at happiness as a family and may it be glorious.”

We don’t know if Beyoncé was planning to look like an African goddess or a religious figure.

She didn’t sit in the arena with her fellow stars until after her performance and she didn’t walk the carpet earlier that night. What we can agree on is she slayed her performance.

Beyoncé won Best Urban Contemporary Album with “Lemonade” and Best Music Video with “Formation,” but lost Album of the Year and Song of the Year to Adele.

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