Baby, It’s Cuffing Season

Holding hands makes any date a little warmer.

Cuffing season is now upon us. It’s windy, cold and all around awful outside, so having someone to warm up by the fire is important. The weather is not the only thing bringing people together; stress might also be a factor.

The stress and pressure of dead week and finals would make you think that no one has any time for fooling around, but of course, college kids find a way. These perilous weeks actually create a perfect storm of emotions that invite the soul to yearn for another. Tinder is awash in hopeful people looking for a little cuddling on a particularly sad night.

Another reason cuffing during these weeks and months is easy is that there is no shortage of date options to choose from.

Stay in and binge … Netflix

I feel like it goes without saying: watching the tube with someone you cherish, or just met, is pretty great when the weather outside is frightful. If you are looking for something interesting I have a suggestion.

I have recently started to watch “Twin Peaks,” an old, melodramatic, fictional crime show. The best part about this show is that it will keep your interest for the hour and a half runtime, but after that the night is yours. The show’s obscurity in modern culture will also get you some cool points for uniqueness.

Go see a play

Yeah, I said it. Get out of your house and get a taste of what the theater has to offer. Getting tickets to Theatre NDSU’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is easy and free for students. This is a great opportunity to get your scarf out of your closet and feel a bit fancy. The play is set in the ’80s and features the fun and whimsy of Shakespeare’s masterpiece.

Be childlike

Kids have fun, why shouldn’t you? Yes, you still have the ability to feel the joy that filled your heart as a wee child. Get out your sled, lace up that skate and go fall down a lot. There is no way for you or your partner to have a bad time outside rolling in the snow. Get your friends together and have an impromptu snowball fight in the park.

Island Park and Dike West Park located just south of downtown are great places to make a snowman or throw snowballs at your friends. There is also a large hill by the skate park down there that is great for sledding.

Be an adult

We all know that downtown hosts a large number of options for college kids. The bars are open on the weekends for your “spiritual needs,” and coffee shops are open in the morning to get you up and moving around. It’s redundant to tell college kids to go to the bars, but it goes without saying that if you’re old enough, it’s a great way to get to know people. Plus, both coffee and the good stuff are good at warming the soul.

Be elderly

Wake up, get your Folgers coffee, sit in your pajama pants and read a (gasp) book. When the winter comes, many of us feel like exposing our eyes to hours of screen time is the answer, but I have found a good book to suffice. A book forces you and your partner to think and engage. This can become a great distraction from the problems of the day.

A way to make this date friendly is to read to your partner. It may sound weird, but this can be quite romantic and fun. Maybe do the character voices and accents for extra corny points?

Make an intriguing meal

Most holiday or seasonal dishes are heavy and wholesome, and that’s totally fine if you’re looking to be chubby and depressed. If you’re looking to lift your spirit, then the best foods end up being bright, interesting and full of flavor. Why not make a salmon filet with lemon and rosemary? This is a meal that will pick you and your partner up and not leave you glued to the couch.

Make a salad that doesn’t have the usual Midwestern three pounds of ranch dressing on it. Maybe a light Caesar salad could do the trick?

Be goofy

This is the time of year when silliness is super important. The world is gray and cold, but you are a young person pumping with hot red blood. Go to the mall and take a picture with Santa. Make a silly name at Starbucks instead of your real name. Make a snow angel in an inappropriate place.

So now you know all the possibilities of cuffing season. You don’t need to play into old tired tropes during this season, but you can if that’s your style. I would challenge readers to be active and interesting with their partner of choice.

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