My last article

I am also asking myself where the time went

Wow, where did the time go? I feel like just yesterday I was learning how to submit articles on the website, and now I’m writing for the last time as the Opinion Editor. Sheesh.

It’s safe to say I was biased on my topics of choice. I may have written a lot of sports opinions and a little less about everything else. But hey, that’s the theme I took and ran with.

It’s been a fun ride with The Spectrum. I remember last year around this time I thought there was no way I’d be qualified for a position like this. I didn’t even know what I was doing at first. I got the worst writer’s block on my first ever article. It probably took me about three hours to write a 600-word piece for my first deadline. Now, I bet I can write a 600-word piece in about 30 minutes if I knew what I was talking about, so you could say improvements have been made.

I can’t get too much in the feels here. I mean, what am I going to miss? The other editors making fun of what I wear? The nonstop, abnormal conversations that take place in the office? Eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich nearly every day of the week? Yes, actually. I am going to miss all of that.

There are many good things about working at The Spectrum. Obviously, it’s a great way to build a resume, but the hours are extremely flexible and stress free. You never have to work on the weekends, and you can kind of have fun with your job. Hey, it got me through an entire year, so I can consider that a win. It’s also really convenient that you can go to the basement of the Memorial Union and grab Panda Express whenever you want. Despite this, my cheap self still intended on packing PB&Js for a majority of the days.

Although I won’t be the Opinion Editor next year, you won’t be able to avoid me. I plan on writing for the sports section next year, which I think will cater more to my writing style. If you liked my rants about the Vikings, Timberwolves and Gophers, then be sure to read the sports section next year. I can guarantee I’ll contribute more to the sports section than Kirk Cousins will to the Minnesota Vikings.

And to all the editors returning and the new ones, you also won’t be able to avoid me. I will take an occasional trip inside the office just to see how good (bad) the new Editor-in-Chief is doing. I imagine the office being like that one SpongeBob episode where he can’t remember his name and has to backtrack it inside his brain and all hell breaks loose. If you haven’t seen that scene, look up “We threw out his name” on YouTube. It will be the first video that pops up.

To everyone who reads the Opinion Section, it’s been a good time. I am honored to have had the opportunity to write for a college newspaper and to be on the list of Opinion Editors. I will miss expressing my opinions for money on a daily basis. If you like my pieces, refer to the sports section next year (but still read the opinion section). With that, this is your Opinion Editor, Jacob Elwell, signing off.

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