Megan Markle Challenges Stereotypes in Her New Podcast

A review of Megan Markle’s podcast

Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex is a former actress and member of the British royal family. In August she released a Spotify original podcast called “Archetypes with Megan” that I listened to over the course of last week. So far there are only three episodes because the podcast went on hiatus in September when Queen Elizabeth II passed away. The podcast will resume on October 4th and will produce weekly episodes. 

So, what is “Archetypes” about? 

Megan Markle, who hosts brings a new guest every episode and dissects subversive labels and titles that try to hold women back. They have deep conversations about how archetypes can affect one’s mental health and harm gender equity. Here, I will break down and review the first three episodes of this podcast. 

Episode #1: The Stigma of Singleton with Mindy Kaling

This episode features American actress Mindy Kaling. Megan listens to Mindy speak candidly about the joys and challenges of being a single woman which led to her decision to have a family on her own. The rest of the episode they dig up the origin of labels like “Old Maid” and “Dragon Lady” and how these terms affect women in our society. 

I was in awe listening to the histories and backstories on all the labels of a single woman. They range from “spinsters” to “singletons,” and much more. 

As Mindy and Megan discuss their early years, Mindy inquires about Megan’s role as the “pretty one” growing up.

“No, God no. Ugly duckling. Not conventional beauty – maybe now that would be seen as beautiful. I had massive frizzy curly hair. I had a huge gap in my teeth. I was the smart one, forever and ever and ever,” said Megan. “And then just sort of grew up…I never had anyone to sit with at lunch. I was always a little bit of a loner and really shy. I didn’t know where I fit in.”

Mindy is incredible. She is so funny when she talks and I like how true she is to herself as a first-generation American, daughter of immigrants. In essence, I appreciate Mindy letting Megan interview her for this podcast. 

Episode #2: The Duality of Diva with Mariah Carey

This episode features singer Mariah Carey and together Megan and Mariah discuss the complexities surrounding ‘the diva.’ From being a word that can mean glamor and confidence but can also double down to negative connotations. 

Mariah illustrates to listeners what she thinks diva means to her and the public’s perception. This episode was so fun to listen to. The topic at hand was intriguing, it’s clear that the term “diva” has changed through time from a term of praise to an insult., and now perhaps back again. 

Mariah answers all Megan’s thought-provoking questions with ease and humor. I loved how honest and open Mariah seemed about this topic given the fact that her popularity resulted in the media labeling her a diva in a negative way.

Episode #3: The Misconceptions of Ambition with Serena Williams 

Megan sits down with the one and only Serena Williams and together they talk about the double standards women face when they are labeled as “ambitious” and how this affects other facets of their lives. 

In addition, Serena talks about her retirement from tennis in which she calls, “evolving from tennis”. She doesn’t like to call it retirement because she is not ceasing work, instead she is transitioning towards other things that are important to her like Serena Ventures, a venture capital firm she quietly started. 

This episode was enjoyable to listen to. Considering the fact that I am no sports junkie or fan, this episode was no less entertaining. 

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