An Ode to ‘The Voice’

I only got to know Scott personally for about a year as an intern at KFGO and 740 TheFan, two big local sports talk radio stations in town.

Before then, I knew Scott the same way most people did: as the voice of the Bison football and basketball teams.

It wasn’t very hard to tell that Scott loved his job, and he wanted everyone else to love it, too.

He knew everything about every player so well that it freed him up to be descriptive and thoroughly paint a picture in your head of what was happening. He will definitely be someone I try to emulate in my broadcasting career.

More than just a broadcaster, Scott was a people-person in every sense of the word. He not only loved sports and his job as the storyteller, but he loved the people he encountered even more.

I remember the first time I got to meet Scott face-to-face. Scott had been broadcasting a RedHawks game that I was producing at the station and he came back before I had left.

At first, he said thank you and good job on the broadcast, but then he quickly went to asking how I was and wanted to know how I was doing with my broadcasting career. He truly took an interest in each person and wanted to be a part of everyone’s life.

When Scott’s battle with cancer ended, it was hard not to feel cheated. We all wish that we could hear one more broadcast or just one more “My, oh, my” moment.

I wish that I had a chance to talk to him just one more time about sports and about life. Scott will be truly missed but his legacy as a broadcaster and as a member of the community will live on.

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