Alumni: They’re Just Like You

Today, North Dakota State students can enjoy themselves in endless ways: playing Mario Kart with your friends, connecting via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or binge watching the latest Netflix hit. While all this technology is at the fingertips of almost every college student now, in the past technology was much different.

Conversely, while technology was less prevalent several years ago, NDSU students have enjoyed themselves in many similar ways as we do today.

One of the largest similarities between NDSU now and NDSU then is the party scene. NDSU has been known for its parties, dating back to our parent’s time and even our grandparent’s time.

Several alumni have weighed in on the history of alcohol at NDSU, and all of them say basically the same thing.

Our student-focused, land-grant, research university was founded in 1890, and the parties weren’t far behind.

Throughout the school’s 126-year history, alcohol has apparently been a part of every single year. However, NDSU has always been a dry campus, making it quite ironic how prevalent alcohol-induced partying is at this school and in the surrounding area.

“Parties happened every weekend, definitely, and it was just something that was just a part of going to school at NDSU,” one graduate of NDSU, who went in the ’90s, stated.

Besides adult beverages, many NDSU students did what we do now: clubs, organizations and studying were conducted in typical fashions, making the differences between generations not quite as stark.

Of course, the similarities stop where technological advances begin.

While homework and communication were done quite differently in the past, entertainment and fun have been quite consistent here at NDSU.

Whether you went to NDSU many years ago or are currently a student, odds are you’re going to enjoy yourself in clubs, classes or cracking a cold one.

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