hitchcock's the birds

This One is for ‘The Birds’

hitchcock's the birds

While Fargo has grown increasingly modern in the past couple of years, the Classic Film Series has kept the entertainment, humor and suspense of classic movies a staple in the community.

There is no better way to finish up this Fargo Theatre’s series than with movie legend Alfred Hitchcock and his work “The Birds,” showing 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

Featuring Tippi Hedren as the lead, the movie follows Hendren’s San Francisco socialite Melanie Daniels in her strange story involving a boy, birds and what can only be described as Hitchcock-level terror.

After Daniels purchases a pair of lovebirds as a romantic gesture and follows a potential boyfriend to his sleepy North Californian town, the townspeople and Melanie become the victims of uncharacteristic bird attacks.

As the number of bird attacks grows higher, mass hysteria begins to build in the town. Many try to refute the attacks as strange phenomena and many others arm themselves against the birds to no avail.

In true Hitchcock fashion, this thriller is sure to keep you on your toes.

Throughout 2015 and now into the early part of 2016, the Fargo Theatre has featured many vintage films including “Singin’ in the Rain,” “Blazing Saddles,” and “The French Connection.”

The theatre has also featured holiday themed films throughout the season, including “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” in October and “It’s a Wonderful Life” this past Christmas.

If you can’t make it to this upcoming showing, don’t worry: the Fargo Theatre’s Classic Film Series will most likely return next year with a whole bout of films waiting to be rediscovered.

Ticket Info:

When: 7:30 p.m. Thursday

Where: Fargo Theatre

Price: $5

More info: (701) 239-8385


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