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Alan Jackson to Play Scheels Arena

alan jackson

Legendary country songwriter/performer Alan Jackson will perform Nov. 5 at Scheels Arena, the musician recently announced. He will be joined by special guest Lauren Alaina.

Jackson, who has been a household name for more than 25 years in the country genre, will be going on another tour with his new album “Angels and Alcohol.”

This album is his first in the past three years and his 22nd album overall. He’s released Christmas albums, gospel albums, a bluegrass album, but his most recent record is similar to his first albums: straight-up country music.

Despite Jackson’s age, 57, he still brings enthusiasm to each performance. His songs range anywhere from heartbreaking and emotional, to up-tempo and lively, showing this singer’s diversity.

One emotional song is the title track of the album. “Angels and Alcohol” explores in song what addiction can do to ruin someone’s life. It’s plays as a cautionary tale to warn people of the impacts alcohol can have on one’s relationships.

An upbeat song that is sure to be performed at the concert is entitled “Jim and Jack and Hank,” which has a contagious beat and an interesting premise. It’s a breakup song, but it doesn’t have anything sappy in the lyrics. Basically, the guy tells the girl to take all of her stuff and leave because he has alcohol and Hank Williams music (much like how several single college students had Kool-Aid and Adele music to accompany them this past Valentine’s Day.)

One thing that makes Jackson’s music stand out in today’s modern array of country styles is that he is consistent.

For the past 25 years, he has provided his fans with a hearty country sound built to inspire individuals. He doesn’t want people who were fans long ago to be estranged by his change in style. New and old fans alike should enjoy his never-changing sound.

Tickets are available anywhere from $27 to $129 for this event.

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