Afrique: A Celebration of Black Culture

As part of Black History Month, performances of black culture were on stage at the annual event ‘Afrique.’ A night of cultural expression and celebration saw a variety of performances and activities from students and community members. Ranging from poetry, singing, and dancing were all on stage at this year’s Afrique.

Hosting the event was NDSU’s Black Student Association, MSUM Black Student Union and Concordia’s Black Student Union.

Opening the event was Gabby Clavo, an NDSU alum who now is at the Historical and Culture Society of Clay County. Reflecting on the previous Afrique’s she attended, she noted: “how happy I was to see so many cultures and share my own.”

She added that the MSUM BSU started all the way back in 1965. Clavo reinforced that the event is only made possible by the people who are willing to go on stage and express themselves. But also, by doing so, Afrique “lets us connect and share what it means to be yourself.”

Original poems by two artists followed and were expressions of past emotions and experiences on such topics as failing the youth, anger and regret.

There was plenty of singing throughout the night. Some were more performance-driven, while others focused on getting the crowd to dance and sing along.

Dancing also featured prominently. There were performances by the NDSU Hip Hop Team as well as the Concordia Step Dance Team.

Concluding the event was a fashion show of diverse outfits and styles.

Although Afrique is centered around individual and group performances, the night was made special by the community. Laughs and applauses were in no short supply.

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