Adorable pups compete for treats

Annual NDSU Pre-Vet Dog Show had a crowd of people and dogs


Tail wagging, barking and happy smiles filled Sheppard Arena April 6. The NDSU Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club hosted their annual dog show, with the theme of “Tropical Pawridise.”

Any dog was welcome to join, and there was quite the variety: from a large Golden Retriever tail wagging its way in a vacation luau outfit to a small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel wearing an inner tube floaty around its waist.

There were multiple competition types to accompany all trained skills: obedience, tricks, agility, jumps and costumes. Those who participated in any of the rounds were able to win treats, ribbons, trophies, toys and much more.

People who competed with their canine pets ranged in age from children to the elderly, so everyone was able to participate and enjoy spending time with their pets.

While some were more trained than others, sometimes a dog would run off and not care about what they were being told to do while others were patiently waiting for commands by their companion.

The day was filled with laughs and applause for each pet pal. Each dog loved making friends with other humans and dogs.

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