Liberal America’s Great Sad Flaw

The whole world is falling apart it seems. Global warming is killing the planet every day, people are dying in the streets because of civil rights disputes and countless other offenses are visible everyday.

We all know the answers right? Flip on CNN, MSNBC and you get the feeling that there is such an easy answer and it is the fault of others for the state of our country.

Do we really have all the answers, Liberal America? Please, I’d love Anderson Cooper to explain last November then.

Liberals themselves lost the election that literally no one saw them losing. And we are as much to blame as alt-right groups and people who adore orange, spray tanned men.

College students are here at school to be educated between hangovers and bad decisions. We walk about a center of knowledge and culture every day. Yet where we can have everything from differing opinions to different viewpoints and lifestyles, it is important to immerse yourself. Ask questions; learn from one another. Right? That is the goal in this whole thing, ain’t it?

Some though have chosen a much different path for their college days.

A stupid path. A path that is sickening to rational people alike and fills Twitter feeds daily. I am speaking of course about the politically correct, privilege-checking kings and queens, that run around policing the internet trying to make sure that everyone that should apologize, says they are sorry using as many SAT vocabulary words as possible. Or be at risk for total and eternal damnation, hallelujah.

I am sorry by the way if that hurt your feelings.

Although they may do this online, no one has the time or the courage to say anything when the anonymity of a computer screen is taken away from you.

The fact of the matter is though, the last thing we should be doing is getting apologies. This isn’t a funeral, nor is the great fight over. These are what people like to call, reactive procedures. How about some offense people?

We need to talk to people where it is uncomfortable to talk to them. Sure, they might tell you that your opinions are wrong. Welcome to the real world. Get off the high horse and ask the dreaded question, “Why did you vote for a total buffoon?” In doing so, prepare yourself for the same question.

I know it is easy to stay in a politically friendly bubble, but this isn’t where we will find the answers that we desperately need. No scientist found the solution to any problem by always being told they are right.

How hard it will be to tell your uncle over a beer that coal sucks for the environment. How though? You literally have almost the entire scientific community on your side. Convince your aunt that the Dakota Access Pipeline does suck. Without you, who challenges her mind? Who challenges your mind? You, you Buffon.

I know it is much easier to post rehashed political garbage on your social media and only be greeted by people with like minds. I know it is hard to try and debate with an educated member of the opposing political party because they too know how to work a TV remote or follow news organizations.

Prepare to be told you are wrong, because guess what? You may be.

And this cycle of garbage and avoidance goes on and on and on.

I dream of a university that stops this way of thinking. Screw your political friends who only agree with you. Debate people, dammit. Get off your smart, college-educated ass and debate your grandfather who voted for Trump.

If it isn’t you stimulating their political minds the likes of Tucker Carlson or god forbid Alex Jones are there for them any day of the week. I know, f**k me, right?

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