aaron carter

Aaron Carter Coming to NDSU

aaron carter
Aaron Carter’s party will perform April 29 in the Memorial Union’s Great Plains Ballroom.

Come April, girls alive during the early-2000s can finally fan girl and faint over Aaron Carter when he performs exclusively for North Dakota State students.

On April 29, it’s possible for up to 900 students to make their tween-selves excruciatingly jealous for $5.

The concert, announced last week by Campus Attractions, will be held in the Great Plains ballroom in the Memorial Union.

“But,” campus thought aloud and online, “Why?”

Kalley Norr, the concerts coordinator for Campus Attractions, said there were two factors as to why they got the former heartthrob.

The first was that the cost was reasonable for the budget of Campus Attractions. Carter didn’t cost pocket change, but a more mainstream artist’s fees would be out of the budget.

The second reason for getting Carter was that he was available. When the concert committee was researching possible artists to come to campus, they saw that Carter was booking events. Actually, Carter came up multiple times as the team brainstormed ideas toward the end of the year.

When the committee reviewed budgets, it decided Carter would be the best compromise to fulfill student’s wishes without spending large amounts of money.

To get the singer, the concert committee contacted Jade Presents, an agent that Campus Attractions has work with in the past. Jade Presents was responsible for actually booking Carter for the gig. Once Jade put forth the offer, it was just back and forth to negotiate contracts.

For all those interested in going, 900 tickets will be sold at Bison Connection in the Memorial Union starting April 4. These tickets will only be available for NDSU students, though, so if you have any friends from other colleges, rub it in their faces.

“We believe that the tickets will sell out within the first couple of days, especially considering the limited amount being sold,” Norr said. “We want to make sure that students understand that this is first come, first serve. When the tickets are gone, they are gone.”

Based on the concert committee’s research, they believe he will be doing an assortment of old songs that most of us know and love, like “I Want Candy,” along with new music. Furthermore, he just announced that he would be releasing his a new single on April 1, 10 years after his last release.

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