A sort-of review: Lament from Touché Amour

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You can’t do that during a pandemic.

What a shame we can’t yell in each others faces right now.

Upon hearing Jeremy Bolm, the lead singer of Touche Amore talk in interviews with various YouTube video creators, a question will emerge in your mind: by supporting this man’s career in music am I killing his voice? That’s just part of the gig I guess, a trade-off for the beautiful screaming and lyrical catharsis.

Touche Amore’s new album, ‘Lament,’ has already drawn praise online from the usual suspects, Anthony Fantano, Pitchfork etc. Why add to this list? Well, I don’t know where exactly to put my energy when it comes to music these days.

The usual circle of bands releasing new music, bands touring new music and serotonin being released has been broken.

Now we reside in our hidey holes, waiting for the largest touring dump of all time when all of this is over. For now, we have time to examine the music of our favorite bands and daydream about mosh pits and sleeping in tents with three of our sweaty friends.

This album really hit different and drew me out of this weird contentment. It started when they released ‘Limelight.’ A song that features vocals from Manchester Orchestra. The track is slow and building with a great feel of motion and fear of impending disaster. 

The track exudes a jaded feeling of knowing too much but still having to fight through the day. I don’t know; that’s what I took from it. The new music video is really compelling and re-watching it has become a habit.

Speaking of music videos “Reminders” an uplifting track on this album, has an accompanying video. It shows people from this particular scene with their dogs. The song is about contentment. Seeing people with their dogs while Bolm yells about realizing the love you have in your life, really drives home the message.

The whole album is fantastic and the stand-out tracks will be great live. We just have to be patient, we have to hold our tongues and remember how much of a chandelier problem this is in the age we live in. 

I hope after this is over, we have a Renaissance of art and entertainment like they had after the flu pandemic. I’m sure if artists keep up the pass they are at now 2021 will be a bomb year in music.

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