A sad farewell to Onyx and Pearl

Downtown Fargo boutique closes for good

Onyx and Pearl officially closed on Jan. 31, 2020.

Onyx and Pearl located off of Main Avenue on the same block as Nichole’s Fine Pastry and Goin’ Postal, has permanently closed as of Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020. Onyx and Pearl were known to downtown Fargo shoppers as a boutique that had a wide range of (primarily) earthy tone/neutral colored clothing with accessories like jewelry, winter hats, shoes and skin products in stock to purchase.

Onyx and Pearl had a store closing sale; as the week increased the percentage of the total sale purchase discount was increased. By Friday, the last day it was open, apparel and other accessories were fifty percent off.

An Instagram post by Onyx and Pearl (written by Hope, the shop owner) on Jan. 28 declared that “sometimes you have to let go in order to make room for more.” The author of the post went on to add that, “I am ready for change. Ready to not be spread so thin.” She closed it by saying, she is ready to put “quality work into one brand, Mint and Basil.”

Mint and Basil commonly referred to the shop’s social media site as its sister store, because of it clearly being run by the same people. Like Onyx and Pearl, Mint and Basil is also an apparel store but differing from the closed boutique with an extra emphasis on homeware. There is no indication that this store will be closed and, in fact, is staying open, as shoppers on the last week were told by employees of Onyx and Pearl that reward points can be used at the sister store. Mint and Basil is located on Main Avenue in Downtown Fargo.

All in all, Onyx and Pearl was a frequent stop to many boutique shoppers in the Downtown Fargo area. It is not yet known what business will replace Onyx and Pearl and move into their past space.

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