A new food pantry is open on campus

Goods for the Herd and the Little Free Pantry are located in the Memorial Union

A new food pantry opened on North Dakota State University Campus. The Little Free Pantry is a nationwide movement in order to help those with food insecurity. This is the second food pantry in the Memorial Union with Goods for the Herd located in the lower level of the Bookstore. Both of these Pantries are open to NDSU students, staff and faculty. 

The Goods for the Herd pantry is open for people through the use of appointments. Those who want to become eligible for the food pantry can fill out an intake form. Anyone can be eligible as long as they have a valid NDSU ID number. “They have to identify that they are food insecure,” said Jade Berg, the graduation coordinator of the Goods for the Herd. 

The Goods for the Herd Food pantry was originally a grassroots vision, started by different people on the NDSU campus. This pantry is stocked with food goods, but also household and hygiene products. 

The Goods for the Herd has a partnership with Great Plains Food Bank. This along with donors and donations stocks the food pantry. NDSU organizations will also support this food pantry by putting on events to raise money. Organizations will also put on food drives for Goods for the Herd. “Predominantly done by donations is how we receive most of our items and then we supplement it with whatever we have at the Alumni Monetary,” said Berg. 

The Goods for the Herd “is basically volunteer based,” said Berg. Students can sign up to help with the pantry, whether that be giving time or resources.

The Little Free Pantry differs from the Goods for the Herd Pantry because they do not have any requirements for students. It is open to everyone in need. “This little free pantry is meant to be a gap filler when the main pantry is not open,” said Irena Bobicic, an NDSU Extension Agent and part of the Family Nutrition Program. This pantry is open wherever the memorial union is open. 

The Little Free Pantry is a nationwide organization, and they are typically set up in low income neighborhoods. This Little Free Pantry is located on NDSU’s campus on the main level of the memorial Union next to Design and Sign.

This food pantry is adopted by organizations and departments around NDSU. They usually stoke the pantry and then check on it throughout the week that they are designated to watch it. The food pantry is also open to donations so anyone can give to this pantry. The motto of the pantry is “Give what you can, take what you need,” said Bobicic. 

It’s important to give back to the community during the holiday season, as many people do not have food to get them through the breaks. “A lot of students weren’t excited for Christmas Break because they didn’t grow up having a normal experience with families and gifts and food, it’s a time that’s very stressful for families that don’t have much,” said Bobicic. 

To learn more about the food pantries on NDSU’s campus click here. 

For more information about volunteering or to become eligible for the Goods for the Herd Food Pantry click here. 

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