A Long Time Ago, in a Campus Not Far Away . . .

FILE PHOTO | THE SPECTRUM John Narum performs his yo-yo routine at a Bison Brevities show.
John Narum performs his yo-yo routine at a Bison Brevities show.

The second oldest tradition on North Dakota State’s campus continues to thrive.

NDSU’s Blue Key Honor Society hosts its annual show, Bison Brevities, at 7:30 p.m. February 23 in Festival Concert Hall. This year’s theme for the talent show is The Bison Awakens.

Bison Brevities, which has been around in some shape or form since 1929, continues to be a more than a successful production. With an intergalactic theme and plenty of acts and skits, hilarity is bound to ensue.

Bison Brevities co-producer Nikki Borstad spoke with excitement about the event.

“We have eight different acts, and they are all NDSU students,” she said. “There is a wide variety: from vocal impressions to people who are singing their own song, rapping to yo-yos, so there is a wide variety of things going on.”

For those who attended the Homecoming Show put on by Blue Key, one can expected a similarly formatted event but with fresh skits and performances.

The show will contain eight acts with skits performed by Blue Key members interposed in between. These skits will work off of the show’s theme.

In true “Star Wars” fashion, the skits will follow the NDSU Resistance as it takes on the wicked Jacksonville State University First Order in a battle of the fittest.

Bison Brevities isn’t just working the crowd for laughs; it is also working toward a good cause.

Blue Key will donate all proceeds to the New Life Center, a male homeless shelter in Fargo.

“If they want to get a home and get back on their feet, the New Life Center provides them with resources so they can do that,” Borstad said.

Blue Key’s Bison Brevities: The Bison Awakens will be a night of comedic entertainment that is going toward a great cause.

Ticket Information

When:  7:30 p.m., February 23

Where: Festival Concert Hall

Price: $5

More Info: Event Facebook page

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