A Brief Rant About My Future Living

Yesterday I pulled up my big girl pants and signed a year contract for a downtown efficiency.

Well, to be honest, both of the words “downtown” and “efficiency” are generous terms for what I actually committed to. Perhaps a more accurate description would be a closet enclosing a toilet that happens to be a short bike ride to the Pickled Parrot (you know where to find me for the next year).

It was the cheapest living I could find on Craigslist, and with the future being so unpredictable for a pending graduate who hasn’t really been looking or applying to jobs (whoops), it is probably the best choice for me since moving back with my mother goes against my precarious temperament.

That being said, why haven’t we found better ways for those interested in temporary living yet? It’s like in order to have a roof over your head, you are either obligated to pay outrageous prices for a hotel, live with family if applicable or sign the next 365 days of your life away.

For those of you who are able to weasel your way into a non-contracted agreement, well played; I envy you.

Maybe I’m missing something here being a young adult naively entering the adult world, and admittedly I didn’t do much research other than a few nights of online apartment shopping, but I feel our town, which prides itself in the vast living opportunities, could have more.

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