Furry Friends| Adopting Bella and Octavia

Many people shy away from adopting an animal because of the costs, but both of these lovable animals from Homeward Animal Shelter have benefits to their adoptions.

HOMEWARD ANIMAL SHELTER | PHOTO COURTESY Bella’s adoption fees are fully sponsored, so no need to worry about cost.


Meet Bella, a black domestic shorthaired female. She is 11 years old and has been at Homeward Animal Shelter since June 30, 2017.

She is sweet and shy and, due to her age, needs her time to relax. She also has the softest fur, so Bella could be your next cuddle pal.

She is also diabetic, but it is not something to keep someone from adopting her because she takes insulin shots easily and only after every meal.

Plus, her adoption fee is already taken care of, due to a generous donor fully sponsoring her adoption. So all she needs is the right person to find her forever home.

Octavia needs a big yard and someone who understands dog behavior.


Meet Octavia, a Shepherd mix female and is about 1.5 years old. She arrived at the shelter on Oct. 12. When she arrived, she needed a confidence boost, so she went to a four-week boarding and training program at Smart K9 Training.

There the trainers became attached to her, which is rare, so clearly she is a sweetheart. She is perfect for graduating students who plan on getting a house with a yard and have had a dog before or experience in understanding dog behavior. She would like a quiet and stable home where someone is able to spend at least an hour a day playing games with her to continue to boost her confidence.

She needs someone who is willing to put in the work of getting to know her and understanding when she feels uncomfortable. Don’t let this deter you because you get a free private lesson at Smart K9 Training before you can take her home. They also offer their boarding and daycare facilities anytime, so if she needs a break daycare may be the place to go.

For more information visit homewardonline.org.

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