Furry Friends| Adopting Eugene and Dijon

Adopting a furry friend can be work, but after meeting these two it may be worth the cost and time. When you welcome a pet into your life, it benefits not only the animal, but you as well.

Eugene is a sophisticated old man, but still finds time to let his puppy show.

Eugene is a shepherd mix, 8-year-old neutered male. He arrived at Homeward Animal Shelter on Sept. 12 and continues to hope for an adoption. No matter his size, he’s a cuddlier.

Don’t let his older demeanor fool you; he protects others and keeps those around him safe. This is no crabby old man. He’s a sweetheart that enjoys other dogs (unless they push too far into his personal space), and every person who meets him loves him.

Not to mention, he’s already house trained too.

Dijon has become playful through a loving home; now be his forever future.

Dijon is a 1-and-a-half-year-old neutered male. He has been at Homeward Animal Shelter for five months and currently resides in foster care.

When Dijon started at Homeward, he was terrified of people and was not the domesticated type. Through the foster care that he has received, he has been able to become playful and adjust to being domesticated, rather than semi-feral.

Meeting the animals in person can have more of an affect than seeing a picture, so go meet your future pet pal.

To adopt either Dijon or Eugene, visit homewardonline.org for more information.

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