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Letter to the Editor | The Forgotten Breakfast Service of the Residence Dining Center

As the old phrase goes, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. NDSU’s Residence Dining Center saw a gorgeous, state-of-the-art renovation process that was introduced to students this past fall.

Despite the numerous upgrades, some students, including myself, were forced to say goodbye to their favorite service previously provided by the dining center, the omelet bar. Last May, NDSU began renovations on the RDC. Today, it offers a highly upgraded dining area with nearly endless options. I love the fact that there are roughly 4-5 options available at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There are classics which include “home cooked” dishes, global favorites which include the best international favorites the dining center has to offer, options which include a menu tailored for students with food allergies, and then there is the grill which includes hamburgers, grilled cheese, or chicken sandwiches. One can enjoy any of these selections at any time.

You may be asking yourself, “What more does a college student need”? Sure, there are endless options, but a past favorite of many, the omelet bar, has disappeared. The omelet bar allowed students to walk up to an area in the dining center and fill out a customizable card, detailing exactly what they wanted in their omelet. Upon filling out the card, students would watch as an employee would hand-craft their omelet exactly to order. For students like myself, the omelet bar provided a changeup. It was fresh, made to order, and was different than the pre-made breakfast options provided by the RDC. I am not sure why the omelet bar is gone, but please, NDSU dining staff, bring it back!

Ross Kennelly 


Sport Management 


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