TBD Comedy Half ‘n’ Half is 100 Percent Worth It

NDSU’s improv group had its second show of the semester last weekend, and they did not lose any momentum.

To Be Determined put on the show, which had both short-form and long-form improvisation, was held in the Arikara room of the Memorial Union. This new location, much different from the theater they used the week prior, was a much smaller space with more of a bare-bones feel.

The venue was absolutely packed. Every seat was taken well before the actors adorned the stage, and there was no shortage of people sitting on the floor and leaning against the wall.

The smaller, stripped-down room allowed the actors not in the scene to have a more interactive role with the audience. It was fun not only watching the scene, but also seeing the other performers laugh, roll their eyes and bang the wall in delight.

The night started off with short-form improv, which included quick little games that were usually played by a few actors. From games like “Building Blocks” where actors would find a creative way to enter and exit the scene, to “Director’s Cut” where a scene would be done and then critiqued by a director.

These fun little games kept the audience’s attention. One advantage of short-form improv is that the shorter scenes keep the audience on its toes in the ever-changing atmosphere.

Once the short-form was completed, the group moved onto the more difficult portion: long-form.

For long-form, all the actors worked together to form cohesive scenes with hilarious punchlines. Actors could be substituted in any given scene or the whole scene could be wiped away at any time, but the ball had to keep rolling.

Despite the fact that there were lulls where it was obvious the performers were fishing for ideas, it always picked up in a relatively seamless fashion.

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