2016 A Year to Remember?

The year of 2016 was an eventful one.

Much like a normal year; there were 365.25 days in it. There were four seasons. There were 12 months.

For a sane, rational person (these are both relative terms), 2016 was absolutely obnoxious. Not because of dying celebrities, but you folks. The folks of Facebook and Twitter need to cool it. Every year has the potential to suck.

Without going into detail, every year people die. Every year has some injustice. Don’t taint the water and make everyone hate a year simply because it is the cool thing to do.

Donald Trump is president, but that shouldn’t ruin a year. That should empower us. Millennials lead a movement in Bernie Sanders. There is nothing stopping us from doing this all over again in 2020.

We have the power to make 2017 a good year, and it is mostly from everything that happened in 2016.

The injustices that happened in 2016 — Trump’s bigoted campaign, sexual and physical assault again women — should fire us up to start some change. These aren’t simply hashtags, these are real life events and problems.

Listen to these stories and do something about it. Stop tweeting about how shitty a year is. Rather volunteer at a victim center. Talk to someone about a certain joke they said. Perhaps engage a certain family member about their “funny jokes” at Christmas dinner. This isn’t easy but is leaves a much better mark than a RIP tweet to a musician you just immortalized because all of your friends did.

Last year was one that saw a lot of injustices. 2016 can be remembered as the year that sucked. Or it can be remembered as the year that we started fixing problems that have been an issue for too long.

Let us hold fake news accountable for the spreading of false statistics, fix the justice system for sexual assault victims and, finally, fix a prison system that preys on the low-income and over-represents a certain segment of the population. These are issues we can fix, but we need to actually do something about it, we can’t just tweet about it.

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