Get Chopped or Vegetation Station?

Follow-up Fridays are the brainchild of the Moir/Teotia administration in student government. The idea is simple, anonymously poll the student body via two email questions every week and then post the answers online for all to see.

The last Tuesday Two question asked by student government of the most recent fall semester, asked Dec. 6, inquired about what a new name for Get Chopped or Not, the salad eatery that moved from the main level of Memorial Union to the food court in the basement, should be.

Of the approximately 430 responses, here’s my top ten list for the best submitted by NDSU students:

10. Rabbit Buffet

A bit straightfoward, but yes rabbits generally eat green food.

9. Tie between Salad McSalad-Face and along the same format, Choppy McChoppy Place

An homage to the great vessel formerly named Boaty-McBoatface, this 2016 trend is sure to be relevant in two years’ time.

8. Get to the Chopper

An Austrian accent can sure sell a Roman vegetable.

7. Bison Pasture

A dining place fit for the herd, I approve.

6. The Grazing Herd

BisoNation knows what it loves best, a sweet treat of some veggie meat. I’m not the best at rhyming, but you get the point.

5. Vegetation Station

All aboard the Iceberg Express, next stop: French dressing.

4. Seth Bisbee’s Land of Food and Mystery

But can the student governement tech exec mysteriously produce good produce?

3. Taco John’s

An old cry echoed through the responses as some students wished to have more commercial enterprises join the likes of Panda Express in the MU food court. Another mentioned corporate contender is Chick-fil-A.

2. Bitchin’ Salads

A bit along the lines of Cards Against Humanity, these salads are so good they can only be described by one off-beat adjective: bitchin’.

1. Get Chopped

The most common response, by far, was to leave the name as it is or to shorten it to simply “Get Chopped.” It keeps the brand the same, everyone knows what it is and it is the same ol’ salad shop that has graced the herd for several semesters now, there is no need to change the name.

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