Tommy Boy opens up

Brady and Howard Stern discussed just about everything except football

FLICKR |The Tompa Brady era has begun

Tom Brady is a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. It’s one of the biggest offseason moves since Peyton Manning signed with the Denver Broncos.

And now that Brady is out of the clutches of his former coach Bill Belichick, he seems to be… opening up. It’s no secret that Belichick has a way of keeping himself and his players away from media drama. Often when Brady was interviewed, he would give short, cliché answers to get the media off his case.

However, he had a recent interview with radio titan, Howard Stern. This interview seemed different than the old Brady. Of course, the Howard Stern Show encourages the most outrageous behavior. However, it all sounded like a new Tom Brady, Tompa Brady if you will… or maybe it’s Tampa Brady? It doesn’t matter which one. The TB12 brand is trying to trademark both.

For starters, many people took note of Brady’s injury history. He discussed his 2008 ACL injury that had him sidelined for a large part of the season. He also brought up another injury… to his gentiles. He suffered a hernia which caused one of his balls to swell to the size of an orange. He also earned the nickname “purple balls” amongst his teammates. Plain and simple… this isn’t our typical Tom Brady.

He also discussed his high-school days as a “not-the-best” student. He admitted to not being the goody-two-shoes he’s known to be now a days. He smoked weed, went to parties and drank.

As one would expect, there was also plenty of discussion regarding Brady leaving the Patriots and heading to the Buccaneers. Brady brought up that the overall experience was an emotional one, but his mind was set before last season even began. When asked about his relationship about Belichick he disposed the rumors that they didn’t get along. He said they were closer than most people knew and said they couldn’t have achieved the immense success they had without each other.

One of the biggest takeaways from the interview was regarding Brady’s marriage. Brady talked about receiving a letter from his wife Gisele Bündchen. She was apparently unhappy with their marriage which Brady really took to heart. The letter really pushed Brady to make some changes.

What all of this shows is that Brady is going to be a different quarterback down in Tampa. He’ll be a more open and fun quarterback to watch and not just another one of Belichicks drones. Here’s to the Tompa Brady Era.

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