The untold true story of The Spectrum sports editor

Ian Longtin Facebook | Photo Courtesy
Longtin pictured with one of the wolves that helped raised him.

From raised by wolves to sports genius

For our readers who don’t know, our sports editor Ian Longtin is arguably the smartest man on the NDSU campus.  His intelligence and swagger are infectious to those who are in his presence, girls want to be with him, and guys want to be him. Longtin is the heart and soul of the Spectrum and the NDSU community.

But how did Longtin earn such a high-level respect? In order to know you’ll have to look back at his upbringing. 

Longtin was born in the Rocky Mountains near Kalispell, MT.  It was said that while he was in the nursery, a pack of wolves broke into the hospital and took him into the forest. The wolves treated him as a son, and he quickly learned the ways of the forest. About the age of 15, Longtin decided he wanted to be something more than just a wolf, so he fled the mountains. As he journeyed his way east looking for something better, he came across a baseball field in the city of Mandan. 

As he approached the diamond, he noticed that there were people trying out for the local baseball team. The coach noticed Longtin from behind the grandstand and could just tell that this kid was special. The coach told him to get in line and start practicing, and quickly everyone began to realize that Longtin was smarter than everybody, faster than everybody and stronger than everybody. After a few years, he started to attract scouts from the F-M Redhawks. 

But Longtin wanted to do something else besides baseball. After his senior year, Longtin knew what he wanted to do. He had always dreamed of becoming a sportswriter from the first time he saw the baseball diamond.

As soon as NDSU caught wind that Longtin was looking for colleges, they gave him scholarships no one could refuse. Longtin quickly joined the Spectrum and rapidly became one of the rising stars in the organization. His incredible success was due to his keen wolf senses and knowledge of the forest, Longtin could smell when a team would win or lose, which helped him become the sports editor at the Spectrum. He has even been called a sports savant. 

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with Longtin being a genius.  But the lessons he learned from the wolves helped him become wiser than everyone else. Longtin is a genius and a staple on the Spectrum and on the NDSU campus. 

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