The Not-So-Good Sports 2016

There were a lot of good sports stories in 2016. There were just as many that either led to a face palm, a sick feeling or bashing of heads into a wall. So here are the top five dumbest, craziest, most random stories of sports from 2016.

Colin Kaepernick’s protest

It is easy to understand that Kaepernick wanted to spread the message about the issues that minorities face in America. Yes, it is an issue, and yes it needs to be solved. However, at what point does spreading the message stop and action needs to start. Maybe Week Three of the NFL season. (Personal opinion here, the disrespect to the nation outweighs the respect gained in doing this, take it or leave it I don’t care.)

He had a decent platform to do action, and missed. The least he could have done was to vote for someone who he thought could create change. Even if the name of his write-in candidate was his own.

Ryan Lochte gas station

What happened that night in Brazil may never be fully understood. What can be understood is Lochte jumped ship before the issue was resolved. That is what honorable captians do right, leave the sinking ship?

The whole thing is an embarrassment, not only for the Olympics, but for the U.S. as well. Perhaps the craziest thing of this saga is that he was asked to join “Dancing with the Stars.” Good for the guys who crashed the stage on the show.

Chris Sale rips up a jersey

Back in nice sunny July, Chicago White Sox pitcher Chris Sale was scratched from his scheduled start. The reason was he didn’t like the throwback uniforms he was going to wear. So, instead of pleading to whoever makes the jersey decision his case, he cut them up. Took a scissor, and shredded them.

While it is common for the starting pitcher to choose the uniforms for the day, that night it was not the case. Sale thought it would be uncomfortable to pitch in the uniforms. Less comfortable than wearing a sliced shirt?

Adam LaRoche’s retirement

Sticking with the Sox, perhaps the craziest retirements of the year. Adam LaRoche was a 12-year big league veteran. The first baseman had been on several teams, including the Braves, Nationals and Red Sox. He ended up in Chicago in 2015.

One of the things he does is bring his son, Drake, into work during Spring Training. Drake often helps out during practices, shagging balls, shining shoes and so on. The pair of done this for years, and Drake has been seen as a member of the team. But White Sox VP Kenny Williams said that Drake shouldn’t be coming into work every day. So LaRoche retired; simple as that.

Sam Allardyce’s England Tenure

Saying it was a terrible year for England’s national soccer team may be an understatement. At least they didn’t crash out of a major tournament to a minnow nation … oh wait.

The loss led to the departure of then manager “Uncle” Roy Hodgson. The Football Association appointed Big Sam Allardyce to the post. The former Sunderland man did something unheard of. He went with a perfect winning record with England. The win over Slovakia proved to be his only match, as he was axed after just 67 days. Undercover recordings showed him trying to get around third party ownership rules set by the FA. They did not take too kindly to that.

The only question that remaining is: 2017, whatcha got?

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