The NFL upset palooza

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Is Matt Ryan really about to lead the Falcons on one final playoff run?

When upsets come, they come in bunches

The last two weeks in the NFL have been a sports better’s worst nightmare. We saw some of the top teams in the NFL get beaten by teams that are nowhere near that team’s level. It has been absolute mayhem, but very fun to watch. These games are proof that anything could happen in the NFL if you are not on your toes, and the best example of that comes in the first game.

Week 9: Broncos 30 vs Cowboys 16

In this matchup the Cowboys came in as the heavy favorites. The Cowboys came into this game at 6-1 and they were just getting their starting quarterback back from injury, and the Broncos had just traded away their best defensive player and didn’t have a fully healthy offensive line. With such a high-powered offense going against a defense that just had a key loss, you would think they would be able to score in the first 3 quarters, right? But at one point in the fourth quarter, the Broncos led 30-0. They were able to run the ball all over the place and the Cowboys just wouldn’t wake up, which led to an embarrassing loss.

Week 9: Giants 23 vs Raiders 19

Can we give the Raiders a break? I mean look at all they have had to deal with this season, Jon Gruden, Henry Ruggs and now Damon Arnette. I don’t think we can give them a break in this game. I think that the Giants are a team the Raiders need to be able to beat every day of the week. Especially since the Giants are still without star running back Saquon Barkley. Simply put, the Raiders fumbled the bag; they should have won but didn’t. 

Week 9: Falcons 27 vs Saints 25

I will give the Saints a break though, unlike the Raiders. The Saints did have to play this whole game with a backup, despite how well he played statistically. This one just didn’t swing their way. It is not often you lose a game with only one turnover and have more yards, first downs and more time of possession than the other team. I think this was just a case of the Falcons having a hot night. They played very well, had no turnovers and were able to walk away with a win.

Week 9: Jaguars 9 vs Bills 6

This is just embarrassing. The Bills played one of the worst games I have ever seen. People were looking at the Bills as one of the top three teams in the AFC and now I am just disgusted by them. How can you go a game without scoring a touchdown against one of the worst defensive teams in the league? How do you throw two interceptions to one of the worst defensive teams in the league? These are questions the Bills are going to need answers to, and this is a game that you need to put behind you if you are the Bills.

Week 9: Titans 28 vs Rams 16

If you look at the records, you might say this isn’t an upset. But let me tell you, it is. This Titans team was being carried by the best running back in the league all season, Derrick Henry. But Derrick Henry is out and did not play in this game, and he clearly didn’t need to. The Rams held the Titans to under 200 yards in this game. The Rams were able to do that by giving the Titans the ball at the goal line by throwing a pick, and giving the Titans defense a free touchdown by throwing another interception — on back-to-back Rams offensive plays. When your offense doesn’t need to get yards to get into scoring range, then your yard totals might be down despite winning the game. So, with this game now done, my MVP pick at the beginning of the year, Matthew Stafford, will really have to turn things around to get back in that MVP race.

Week 8: Saints 36 vs Buccaneers 27

The fact that the Saints are on here twice is crazy. But what is even crazier is the fact that they are on both sides of the upsets. So, cheer up Saints fans because this is the one that will make you happy. Coming into this game the Bucs were the favorites for obvious reasons like the fact they have Tom Brady, just won a Super Bowl and they are coming out of a dominant Week 7 where they beat the Bears 38-3. Then in the first half the Saints starting quarterback, Jameis Winston went down with a torn ACL. Meaning it was a backup versus the defending champions. And not only did the Saints somehow win this game, but they also won this game by two possessions. This was a great game by the Saints.

Week 8: Jets 34 vs Bengals 31

Clearly the impossible is possible. The Jets won another game against a top team in the AFC. I don’t know how they are doing this, but it is impressive. Not only that, but they did it with a backup quarterback, Mike White. White threw for over 400 yards and three touchdowns in this victory, leading this Jets team to get its first win since it beat the Titans in Week 4. It might not be one of the cleanest wins a team has ever gotten but it was just enough to take down the Bengals.

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