The Feminist Cult Will Tolerate No Dissent

If you criticize feminism, feminists will label you as sexist and use unethical tactics to prevent your opinion from being heard.

This mentality is not unique to North Dakota State; in fact, it is the defining characteristic of feminism at academic institutions all over the world.

Feminists have a warped sense of ethics that leads them to believe their actions are justified.

They believe the world is ruled by the patriarchy, which is a series of social systems that benefits men at the expense of women. To feminists, the patriarchy represents the source of all evil in the world, and by fighting the patriarchy they are essentially working to create a utopia.

Once this is established as the unquestionable truth, which it is to the majority of feminists, all tactics become justified when it comes to silencing opposition.

Feminists do not see themselves as violating freedom of speech. Instead they think they are silencing “hate speech,” which in turn facilitates free speech by creating a “safe space” where people can discuss ideas free from criticism.

This kind of doublespeak sounds like it is pulled directly from George Orwell’s “1984.”

Here are six examples where feminists have displayed this mentality at various academic institutions in response to speakers who have dared to criticize feminism throughout their careers:

1.) Approximately 100 protesters disrupted a lecture given by Warren Farrell at the University of Toronto in 2012. Protesters attempted to prevent people from hearing his lecture by blockading the door to the event, in addition to harassing people simply for going to the lecture.

A video of the protest, posted on YouTube, shows that the protesters considered the act of listening to Farrell to be a form of sexism. They even considered the police to be at fault simply for providing security to this event.

2.) Milo Yiannopoulos’ 2016 lecture at Rutger’s University was interrupted by protester’s who shouted, “This man represents hatred!” They then proceeded to smear their faces with fake blood and leave the lecture while shouting and giving everybody the middle finger.

3.) Feminists set up a safe space which traumatized students could retreat to in the event that they were triggered by Christina Hoff Sommers’ 2015 lecture at Oberlin College. The safe space was guarded by gatekeepers to prevent “toxic” people from entering it.

In addition to being disruptive, some protesters sat in the front row with duct tape over their mouths. They also hung up signs accusing Sommers of condoning rape.

4.) Janice Fiamengo’s 2014 lecture at the University of Ottawa was repeatedly interrupted by protesters who yelled and blew horns. After failing to quell the protesters, the event organizers called security and moved the talk to a different room. The protesters then pulled the fire alarm, effectively stopping the presentation.

5.) A joint lecture given by Yiannopoulos and Sommers at the University of Minnesota in 2016 was interrupted by three separate sets of protesters who yelled and blew horns.

6.) The University of Manchester’s Student Union barred Yiannopoulos and Julie Bindel from speaking at their university in 2015 on the grounds that it would violate their safe space policy.

Keep in mind that these are only a handful of numerous examples where feminists have unethically silenced opposition.

Not only is this behavior disgusting, but it is antithetical to academic values. Feminism is ruining academia, and people need to start standing up to it.

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  1. Wait– you said there was a feminist cult– that sounds amazing! I’m here to sign up! Do you have a link to this organization? How do I become a member of the feminist cult?

    1. Hmm…sounds like the MGTOW version of hatred towards women. They only see HATE when someone supports the female view. Just ignore them.
      BTW…. Use spellcheck it may help. *anything

  2. GIJANE: do you realize the immature way you react to the things mentioned here kinda proves Matt’s point?

    Thanks, Matt, for this (brave?) statement.

  3. Keep in mind that these are only a handful of numerous examples where feminists have unethically silenced opposition.

    You are right:

    Woman’s group blasts plan for Men’s Rights Society at Staffordshire University

    Female researchers outraged when asked to include men

    Vindicated ‘Sexist’ Scientist Banned From Conference Due To Feminist Threat

    A group of protesters in Detroit will rally in Grand Circus Park and march to the Doubletree Hotel, demanding that the hotel cancel the upcoming Conference for Men’s Issues.

    How Female-Dominated Publishing Houses Are Censoring Male Authors

    Protesters shut down U of O professor’s men’s rights talk

    A men’s rights advocate spoke at the University of Toronto. The fire alarm went off, but free speech prevailed

    DC Gamergate Meetup Disrupted by ‘Feminist Bomb Threat’

    Feminist lies about domestic violence and omission of violence against men published in the Guardian corrected

    Feminist says ‘who cares’ if the UVA frat members were harmed by the Rolling Stone story–the ‘Jackie’ lie served a greater purpose

    Why are our universities blocking men’s societies?

    “By now you can’t have failed to miss the scandal engulfing Northumbia Police concerning their sexism against male victims of domestic violence. The police force, ultimately headed by radical feminist Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird produced a series of sexist and hopelessly outdated posters, all of which pushed the totally debunked narrative of domestic violence comprising of male perpetrators and female victims. To compound matters further, Baird refused to listen to anyone’s concerns and instead blocked all manner of people who highlighted her sexism on Twitter, including male domestic violence victims in her own region who she was supposed to be helping.”


    “University Won’t Recognize Men’s Issues Group after Feminists Say it Makes Women Feel Unsafe

    Ryerson University has denied the final appeal to recognize a student group dedicated to addressing issues impacting men because feminists said its existence does not promote equality and would make women feel unsafe.”


    “In 2015, the police also released a tweet in which they encouraged both women and men to denounce abuse from their partners. Again, hordes of feminists attacked them, asking the police to NOT encourage man to denounce their abusers, in what was a very clear show of what feminism is about in Spain.”


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