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NDSU students laugh at different kinks together


North Dakota State students are in the process of creating Kink Shame Club, where they shame any person for having a sexual kink. The organization’s president, Mary Chastinen, is working toward the club becoming officially approved by the Congress of Student Organizations while also looking for an adviser.

Chastinen thought of the idea for the student organization after The Spectrum released their Valentine’s Day special edition, where there were many articles that referenced sexual acts. After getting upset by the content, she posted on social media to find other students that would be interested in shaming students for having kinky sides.

The president of the organization believed that very few students would be interested, but was surprised when her Facebook page reached 69 members and has continuously stayed at this number for weeks. While they are still looking for an adviser, members will continue to meet off campus until becoming MyNDSU official.

When asked what kind of kinks will be critiqued at the meetings, Chastinen explained how any and all will be made fun of in hopes for a laugh among like-minded students. Her examples included BDSM, abstinence, partaking in intercourse and just about anything that includes any type of stimulation.

Many do not think of abstinence as a kink, but Chastinen explained how anything involving the idea of sex is a kink so it should be thoroughly kink shamed. They do not discriminate on kinks because they include those of people who do not have sex and those of people that have sex. Instead, they laugh at all kinds of kinks within the privacy of others.

“This is not a judgmental group. This is a group that prefers to think that kinks are funny and should be shamed in private,” Chastinen said. “Students should not be having kinky sex. They can have sex (or not), but it can’t be fun.”

The organization is all inclusive. Any student is allowed to join as long as they verify that they do not have a kink. To verify, students must sign a waiver, attesting that they have not felt arousal or stimulation from anything in the past six months.

The first meeting will take place April 22 at a yet to be determined location because they want it to be a private event. For more information, visit or contact

For those of you who are kinky, feel free to become a member of another organization:

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