Start Homecoming in Starbucks

My oh my, a new Starbucks. As the clear front-runner for fast food reviews, I felt it was my duty to lump Starbucks in that quick cuisine category and dig in.

I headed south of campus across the street from Askanase Hall to check out NDSU’s latest attraction. This used to be a store for used textbooks, but I’d call the switch from books to beverages a solid choice. If nothing else it shows students’ real priorities.

It was pouring rain, and I was soaked through my two sizes too large NDSU sweatshirt and the homecoming shirt from before my freshman year. I was definitely in the market for a hot beverage.

As I walked in, it hit me that it was actually pretty cozy.

That sort of “watching the rain in a sweater, sipping hot cocoa” kind of cozy.

It’s one of those places that would pair nicely with a fireplace and a bearskin rug. Just a nice spot to hang out and maybe get some work done. I could sit at one of those tables working on, visibly of course, my screenplay wearing a look of confidence and a beanie with gauge earrings. Some people might look down on my 1920s era drama thriller that’s entirely black and white except for money. They just don’t see the future I see through my nonprescription glasses.

Once I was done appreciating the atmosphere and people started giving me weird looks, I decided I should probably make my order. I’ve been taught to judge drinks from Starbucks based on how many words are in the name. Wanting the most bang for my buck, I went for the Venti Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte with Coconut Milk. Eight words, including pumpkin spice, what more could I want?

What happened from there is no one’s fault but my own. It was basically a liquid pumpkin bar that did not skimp on the sugar, at all. It was like Halloween in a cup with the sugary sweetness, the plenty o’ pumpkin and the mix of childlike wonder with mischief and regret. I feel it’s worth trying, but I don’t think I could drink it regularly. I have a history of diabetes in my family and am quite attached to my feet.

So next time you’re on campus and want to check out something new, or need your caffeine fix, or are not feeling particularly attached to your feet, I’d say stop by. Let’s not get crazy and act like it’s not a chain coffee shop, but as far as chain coffee shops go this one is nice. I quite enjoyed eating my vegan bagel with cream cheese (that’s right, don’t f*** with me) and could definitely kill some time sipping normal people coffee.

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