Some binge-worthy shows worth your time

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Doom Patrol is wacky, wild and a lot of fun

Everyone needs a good TV show right now, so here are three great ones

As we enter the holiday season and approach finals it will soon be time to turn on the TV and watch some shows. But what do you watch? What is out there that is worth turning on? Well lucky for you here is a nice list of some shows you can watch right now.

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian tells the tale of a Mandalorian after the fall of the empire. This means it takes place between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

The Mandalorian travels across the galaxy protecting the child, or baby Yoda. If you don’t know who baby Yoda is at this point you must be living under a rock, he is all over the internet and you can’t escape him.

The show feels like a western mixed with Star Wars and it’s a great time. You don’t need to have watched any Star Wars to understand but it is highly recommended. You should also watch Clone Wars and Rebels if you want the full story and to understand why your Star Wars friend is squealing with joy at simple references.

The Mandalorian season 2 has begun on Disney plus and it has been a thrill ride so far. Three episodes in and each episode has been filled with easter eggs, star wars fun and an abundance of baby Yoda.

A lot of shows suffer from a weaker season two but so far, The Mandalorian seems to be forging ahead. If you are a Star Wars fan, a western fan or a fan of science fiction then you need to give it a watch.

You can find the complete season 1 on Disney Plus and season 2 has just begun with new episodes every Friday.

Doom Patrol

Is Star Wars not your speed? Well, how about a show about a band of misfit superheroes that feels like a weirder version of Umbrella Academy (if you haven’t watched Umbrella Academy go watch that first it’s on Netflix).

Doom Patrol tells the story of a group of four heroes in the world of the Justice League. It follows Cliff Steele, Rita Farr, Crazy Jane and Larry Trainor as they fight the sinister Mr. Nobody.

These four are no Justice League, and they will tell each other that all the time. Yet they do get joined by a Justice League member, Cyborg, to help out on their mission.

Each one of them brings unique powers to the scene. Cliff Steele is an entirely robotic man with only a human brain remaining. Rita Farr is an old actress that can become a blob or be super stretchy. Crazy Jane has 64 different personalities all with their own set of powers and Larry Trainor has a weird electrical thing living inside of him.

It may sound weird, and it very much is. The show is wacky, weird, crazy and a lot of fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and you’ll have a great time watching it.

Doom Patrol can be found on HBO Max and is currently two seasons with a third on the way.

Harley Quinn

Not into live-action shows, then check out DC’s Harley Quinn, an animated show that follows the infamous Harley Quinn on her quest to be the queen of Gotham.

This show is not for kids as it is super gory and the characters are constantly swearing. This is an animated DC show for adults and you’ll have a great time watching it.

It stars Harley Quinn and her crew. Her crew is made up of Poison Ivy, King Shark, Clayface, Doctor Psycho, Frank the plant and Sy Borgman. Together they want to make Gotham City theirs.

The show is funny, gory and a really good time for fans of DC comics. They make fun of themselves and even give lesser-known characters a bit of a spotlight, like Kite Man or Calendar Man.

The show can be found on HBO Max and is well worth the watch.

These three shows should fill up some of your time when you aren’t studying for finals. Of course, there are many more shows worth the watch so expect another list at some point.

Until then turn on your TV, make that popcorn and sit on the couch to watch these shows. You won’t regret it.

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