Self-Care is the Kindest Thing You Can Do

Now that we have officially made it past a quarter of the way into fall semester, midterms will be here before we know it. This is the part of the school year where I begin to feel burnt out and overwhelmed with how fast everything can pile up. From what I have heard around campus, I am not the only one feeling this way. Therefore, I want to stress the importance of self-care. 

Making the conscious effort to set aside time to decompress and do the things that you love is necessary for everyone. It does not make you weak to know your limit and not overdo it. In fact, it does quite the opposite. Self-care actively reflects in both your mental and physical health and can lead to you building your energy back up, managing your stress, and overall helping you perform at your best. 

I understand that you may feel like you do not have the time to take a break, whether it be due to your own pressing concerns or another. However, you cannot take care of another person unless you have taken care of your own needs first. Otherwise, you are adding even more stress onto your plate. Treat yourself how you would treat someone else who needs some extra assistance. 

School wise, asking for an extension might seem like a daunting task. However, your academic performance will likely see a better performance if you have lowered stress levels. Personally, I would rather take that extra day to recharge and complete a well-done assignment instead of multiple half-assed ones. 

It doesn’t make you weak to know your limit and not over do it.

I have found that self-care looks different for everyone. I personally enjoy taking long showers, eating treats I enjoy, and napping. Some of my friends like to unwind by binge watching Netflix, creating art, and visiting their families. If you do not know where to start your self-care journey, I recommend looking to the NDSU counseling center’s website for some of their services and workshops. 

While the counseling center has changed locations, they have added different opportunities to keep people engaged with their mental health. Some of their options include a Relaxation Room, guided meditation, Drop-In Art Therapy, DeStress in the Dirt, “Pawsitive” relaxation with their therapy dogs, support groups, and of course, counseling. 

I am asking from a place of deep concern, for you to take the time to commit to self-care. You are worthy of feeling good about yourself, and you deserve to have time dedicated to just you. Whichever methods you choose to consider, I hope that they help you to feel like your best self. You are a person of immense value, and I am so glad you are here to experience the great things that life has to offer. 

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