Review: The hottest new Anime binge – ‘Horimya’

Horimiya Facebook | Photo Courtesy

Everyone has the side they show to the world and the side they only show to those they trust. The anime, “Horimiya” perfectly shows this through the lives of high schoolers. Hori is a social butterfly and one of the most popular girls in class but at home, she is the main caretaker of her 5-year-old brother. Miyamura is a shy quiet boy at school, but when he’s out of school he’s tough and almost unrecognizable. Fate has them meet, and the more they talk the more they realize they have more in common than they thought.

As a romance, a slice-of-life anime is truly a great watch, and anyone who enjoys “Say ‘I Love You’” or “Erased” would love “Horimiya”. Much like “Say ‘I Love You'”, the show is pushed almost entirely by romance and drama, with very little filler material that doesn’t directly contribute to the show.

As with other animes in the same vein, “Horimiya” is only 13 episodes with no hope for a second season. The show is based upon the web manga by the same name and was originally released between 2007 and 2011 by Hiroki Adachi under the name Hero on their website. The anime covers the entire story arc within the web manga, and even though it was very well received by fans in Jan. 2021 when it was released, there is no more source material for a season two to cover.

As of now, there has not been any mention of a season two, especially since season one ties up all loose ends with a happy ending.

In general, “Horimiya” is a great show to binge-watch on a weekend to just feel all those warm and fuzzy feelings. It’s the kind of show you want to watch while curled up with a warm cup of hot cocoa as the season starts to change.

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