Review: Oscar frontrunner ‘Nomadland’ is the most moving film in years

Frances McDormand offers a heartbreaking, intense performance for the ages

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The film has received immense critical acclaim since its film festival debut.

Every so often, a film comes around that turns heads for its remarkable feats. Whether it be critically acclaimed acting, writing, or the simple beauty of the film, they’re rare, to say the least. Few films prove to be as emotionally gripping and heart-wrenching as “Nomadland” has achieved.

While a handful of films receive growing anticipation during the awards season, few cinematic pieces offer as much of a guarantee to sweep the show as this one has done.

With lead actress Frances McDormand coming off a win for Best Actress in her most recent effort, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”, all eyes were on her for what her next acclaimed role would consist of.

The drama focuses on Fern, a woman who recently lost everything she had in the Great Recession, as she struggles to make a living and resorts to a very personal journey. As the film continues, the audience witnesses Fern become a modern-day nomad, as she travels across the American West in her van. While it may sound slow and monotonous, McDormand offers a performance that is anything but.

After winning multiple top prizes at various festivals including the Venice Film Festival, director Chloe Zhao’s latest effort has picked up an array of Golden Globes including Best Picture, Screenplay, Director, and Actress.

With a film of this caliber only coming around every few years, “Nomadland” is sure to pick up a handful of Oscar nominations when they’re released next month.

In a sense, “Nomadland” acts as a semi-documentary. As the film follows McDormand, we witness her wander through life as she interacts with the most realistic of people and places across America. If it weren’t for her, as well as the extremely notable, touching script, the film could take the award for ‘Best Documentary’ without anyone second-guessing.

While the drama may not be for everyone in a sense of appeal, “Nomadland” offers a touching tribute to those that faced hardships after the Great Recession, as well as a heartfelt journey displayed by McDormand. As the film continues forward, it becomes increasingly clear that McDormand has a near-guarantee of taking home the Oscar yet again.

Review: 4.5/5

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