Review: Mac Ayres delivers breezy, summer vibes on ‘Magic 8ball’

The new LP transports listeners to relaxing, warmer times

Mac Ayres Twitter | Photo Courtesy
This represents the artist’s third official studio album.

For someone who has achieved so many accomplishments in the time they did, Mac Ayres has had a relatively short career, to say the least. Tracks such as “Easy” and “Slow Down” on his debut EP ‘Drive Slow’ propelled the artist to new heights in 2017.

Maintaining a consistent track record, Ayres steadily dropped two studio albums in 2018 and 2019. No project was seen from the artist in 2020, leading many to assume he was taking his time fine-tuning his anticipated follow-up. After the longest hiatus in his career, Mac is finally back with ‘Magic 8ball’.

The album, consisting of a proper eight tracks, is a brisk 28 minutes long. While it may be his shortest project to date, it’s evident that the artist aimed for quality over quantity. In the project’s short period, Ayres croons what may be some of his most personal and intimate lyrics to date.

Standout tracks include the album opener “Sunny & 62”, the soulful “Brand New”, as well as fan-favorite “Where U Goin’ Tonight?”. The lyrics don’t steer away from what Ayres has referenced in the past, as he sticks to primarily close relationships and the women he surrounds himself with.

On the aforementioned fan-favorite “Where U Goin’ Tonight?”, Ayres sings “Burnt all my bridges, hey / But at least I’m staying warm, oh / I been working on forgiveness / Said I don’t think it’s catching on.”

Ayres continues to effortlessly blend chill lo-fi music and crooning R&B. The sole issue that fans often take with the artist is the small amount of music that trickles out from him over years.

After over 15 months since his previous effort, ‘Juicebox’, eight short tracks, although quality-oriented, may seem underwhelming to many.

In short, the album is a true vibe. It’s a worthy addition to an already impressive catalog. At the young age of 24, Ayres is surely an artist to keep on your radar in the coming years.

Review: 4.5/5

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