Review: girl in red is poised for a hit with ‘if i could make it go quiet’

The debut album finds her at her most vulnerable, yet more confident than ever

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The singer was recently given the honor of being Spotify’s upcoming “Radar” artist.

If rising star “girl in red” was told how far she would go in the next 12 months a year ago, there’s no chance that she would believe them. Since the spring of 2020 alone, girl in red has nearly doubled her discography on streaming services and managed to boost her monthly listenership on Spotify to nearly 10 million listeners.

While the statistics are nothing short of awe-inspiring, her supportive acclamations are debatably more impressive. The singer was recently named one of Spotify’s top upcoming “Radar” artists, which spotlights lesser-known artists with a bottomless well of potential in their upcoming releases.

After a string of recent singles that have been home runs for girl in red, she has finally released her debut LP, ‘if i could make it go quiet’. The album, coming with a total of 11 tracks, offers both recent hits and new ballads that are bound to take off. Her most recent hit, “Serotonin,” acts as the stunning opener that captures the listener’s attention within the first notes.

Other notable tracks that are bound to be either hits or buried treasures include “Body and Mind, “I’ll Call You Mine,” and the soulful album closer, “it would feel like this.” With a tight, concise number of songs that barely break double digits on the album, it’s clear that girl in red aimed for quality over quantity for her powerful debut.

While girl in red has always delivered touching lyrics over melodic, yet soulful instrumentals, she’s managed to reach a new peak of high-class quality by bringing in some help. The standout hit single, “Serotonin” was co-produced with Matias Tellez and frequent Billie Eilish-collaborator, FINNEAS.

girl in red has also managed to improve her wordplay vastly since the beginning of her career, as she continues to deliver relatable yet clever lyrics. Throughout “Serotonin,” girl in red manages to ride a fine line between sad, melancholic music and upbeat, positive hope.

She sings, “Please don’t let me go crazy // put me in a field with daisies // might not work, but I’ll take a maybe // oh, been breaking daily // but only me can save me.”

As Spotify said already, girl in red is without a doubt worth keeping on your radar, as she’s bound to become a mainstay in the music industry. Just as similar artists Lorde and Billie Eilish began with powerhouse debut albums, girl in red’s ‘if i could make it go quiet’ is nothing short of an instant classic cemented in her discography.

Review: 4.5/5

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