Review: “Boss Level” offers high-octane, ridiculous action

While far from an original concept, it’s still a great ride

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Moviegoers have seen the “endless time loop” theme routinely throughout films for decades now. Whether it falls into the lighthearted, comedic category such as “Groundhog Day”, or the horror genre as “Happy Death Day” did, there’s always room for a slight adjustment in modern Hollywood.

While this tale has been told time and time again, it has yet to see a grounded, action-packed take, until now. “Boss Level” offers a high-energy, action-packed thrill ride that doesn’t break out of the mold, but rather pushes it to further limits.

The film stars Frank Grillo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) as ex-special forces soldier Roy Pulver on the day of his death. Just as he is about to meet his fate, his day unexpectedly starts over again. This never-ending time loop is one that Pulver has to find a way out of, not knowing if he’ll see the other side of it alive.

If this sounds a lot like “Groundhog Day” or the Tom Cruise-starring sci-fi flick “Edge of Tomorrow”, that’s because it essentially is. While “Edge of Tomorrow” may be the most similar in the repetitive trope, “Boss Level” takes a much more grounded perspective compared to the futuristic scope of “Edge.”

While the typical plot offers up a so-so story, the cast and action do much more than their share of capturing the audience’s attention. Alongside Frank Grillo, arguably at the peak of his career to add, is a terrifying villain role portrayed by Mel Gibson, as well as Naomi Watts taking the female lead.

The action and effects may be over-the-top cheesy as well, but nobody is coming to this film expecting the next top-tier blockbuster, as the budget is far from “Avatar” or “Endgame.” It’s cheap, yet graphic and attention-grabbing.

Another nice change of pace from many other cheesy “this day just won’t end” films is the surprising amount of heart throughout the film. The audience is given multiple reasons to root for the characters that allow them to connect with them.

With a few plot twists and turns throughout as well, the film manages to make for an enjoyable ride, despite being one we’ve seen already.

Review: 3.5/5

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