Residence Hall Association holds a S.A.F.E booth on campus

Photo courtesy | NDSU Residence Life

The S.A.F.E. program informs students of inclusivity and promotes equality on campus

On April 21, the Residence Hall Association hosted a booth in the West Dining Center to celebrate and teach about diversity on campus. This booth promoted the S.A.F.E program at North Dakota State University. Students on campus were able to visit the booth and learn about S.A.F.E and how to be inclusive on campus. 

S.A.F.E is an acronym that represents safety for all students on campus through four elements. These elements are a sense of belonging, affirmed and valued freedom to experience education and growth. By promoting these four elements on campus, the Residence Hall association hopes that the campus can be more inclusive towards students and promote equality on campus. 

The booth on campus focused on the last two elements of S.A.F.E, freedom to be and education and growth. While at the booth, students would place their fingerprints on a poster to mark inclusion and unity on campus. Seeds were given to students to represent growth on campus. The booth acted as education for students and allowed them to learn about the S.A.F.E program on campus. 

The S.A.F.E program and the Residence Hall Association at NDSU writes “It is our belief that this active change starts within ourselves, in our campus communities and in our department.”

This is not the only inclusive program that the Residence Hall Associations hosts on NDSU Campus. Major Minorities of Residence Life, or MMRL, is an on-campus program that “promotes a safe and brave space for students who live in the residence halls from marginalized populations.” Other programs include Diversity Initiative Leaders (DIL) and Better Bison Initiatives. These groups are all to promote diversity and inclusive living in residence halls and around campus. 

Through these programs, Residence Hall Association hosts events or meetings to spread the word and educate those around campus about diversity. Students in these programs are committed to bring positive change at NDSU and bring inclusivity to all students on campus. 

For more information about these programs or information about how to get involved in Residence Life can be found here: Safe | Residence Life | NDSU

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