Redemption in sight for ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’

Fight the battle for Felucia in newest update

Electronic Arts releases another successful update to ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’.

Once again, “Star Wars Battlefront II” by Electronic Arts (EA), continues to drag its muddy form out of the hole its publishing company put it in.

The latest update to this infamously released video game is rather awesome.

Clone Commando

One of the most requested units has arrived on the battlefield, the Clone Commando.

Clone Commandos were the most elite clone troopers deployed by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. Now in “Star Wars Battlefront II”, you can get a bit more tactical with this elite unit.

Armed with the DC-17m repeating blaster rifle and the anti-armor attachment, the Clone Commando can put a dent into enemy forces, be them lightly or heavily armored.

That’s not all, however, as the Commando also comes along with a repulsor attached to his left arm. This useful item allows the Clone Commando to knock back enemies who are getting too close for comfort.

Finally, the Clone Commando can give himself and allies a reduction in damage and it can heal the commando if an enemy gets damaged during the duration of the effect.

This makes the Commando a unique and deadly unit in any battle scenario.

Felucia brings the rumble to the fungal jungle

Felucia is teeming with life and dangerous terrain, which, if not trod on carefully, could find an unlucky soldier tumbling into the maw and tentacles of the nearby sarlacc, a deadly creature that waits patiently for an unsuspecting victim to fall into the pit that they reside in.

There are also little villages placed on the map along with abandoned house pods located on rocky outcrops.

From the poisonous fungi dotting the landscape to the beautiful luminescent colors the other vegetation gives off, Felucia in ‘Battlefront II’ looks how it traditionally should.

Speaking from personal experience, because Felucia’s surface is densely populated with spores from the various plant life on it, and the dirtier green-brown coloring of the mud covers everything, white is not the best camouflage for the jungle planet.

If going into combat on this world I suggest using the 41st elite corps skin for clone troopers. As for droids, they already blend into the surrounding landscape.

Instant Action mode is back and Co-Op mode comes along

In the earlier entries to the Battlefront franchise, a mode called instant action was around. It allowed for a quick way to enter any battle from the Star Wars universe.

EA has finally brought this into their game, but only for Clone Wars era battles. While the mode is offline, it allows players to play what they want, when they want.

In Co-op, you’ll squad up with three other players and compete against the A.I. for objectives.

Once again, Electronic Arts pushes out another promised free update for “Star Wars Battlefront II”, and it is rather reassuring to hear.

Since the game came out, EA seems to be listening to its customers and fans of the Star Wars franchise. Even with the shaky release of “Star Wars Battlefront II”, much has been done by its development team to improve on it and make it a hit.

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