Review: ‘Spilligion’ delivers hope and faith in a time of need

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The group centers their focus on using faith and religion to guide them through 2020

Supergroup ‘Spillage Village’ is back with twelve holy anthems

The Atlanta-based rap supergroup known as ‘Spillage Village’ has been releasing music consistently since early 2014. Their first project, Bears Like This, put some little-known artists (at the time) including 6LACK, EARTHGANG, and JID on the map for the first time.

Over the years, they’ve evolved and grown together to new heights of critical and commercial fame. This fame and creative work have reached a new peak with the arrival of the group’s first official LP: Spilligion.

Spillage Village has never been a group to conform to the sounds or themes of the moment, as they stay focused on expanding their experimental sound in their unique path. With many top-tier artists collaborating, it would be more shocking if the project came without a concept, instead of the overarching deep-cutting concept that we were blessed with.

Spilligion focuses on finding religion and faith during some of the hardest times we as a human race have faced in quite some time. Despite increasing racial tensions, a global pandemic and just about every other aspect of our daily lives, the Spillage Village collective focuses on the positive aspects of their lives through holiness.

It’s this concept that encourages the uplifting, soulful sound that we receive here on the album. Even singers and rappers such as 6LACK and JID that typically reminisce on heartbreak and tragedy or current events in their lives take this time to focus on the light in their lives and how they’ve overcome many of their obstacles since their last collective project.

The album consists of a tight twelve tracks, veering away from the new norm of delivering oversized, bloated projects. While the supergroup has no shortage of artists on hand, plenty of top-tier artists swing by to deliver impressive features in line with the project’s primary themes.

Artists including Ari Lennox, Chance The Rapper, Buddy, Masego and more take time to consider how faith has changed their life and where they might be if they didn’t have faith in their higher power.

With only minor flaws, Spilligion is a worthy addition to the discography of Spillage Village and all of its artists. Recognizing that these artists have come much farther than any of them could have imagined five years ago, it’s quite impressive imagining how far they’ll go in another five. During a time filled with such negativity, Spillage Village has created exactly what many of us needed in our lives.

Review: 4.5/5

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