Overworked, Underappreciated: NDSU Bookstore Employees

There are a lot of people working on the NDSU campus to make life easier for the students. A lot of these people go unnamed and work long hours to keep us satisfied.

So, I started talking to them and decided to interview one of the girls that works at the NDSU Bookstore to get to know some of the employees behind campus associations and stores.

I spoke with Rachel Middlestead, who studies civil engineering with a minor in French, and works in the bookstore’s clothing department.

What are your responsibilities as a clothing department employee?

I help people with clothing, work in the back room, put clothes in size order, restock and make sure that brands are grouped together. I also work the football games in the fall and at basketball games, assist with miscellaneous projects that need doing, help with shipments and price items.

How often do you work? What sort of hours?

Monday, Wednesday, Friday for two hours each in the afternoons, and then the basketball games. Six hours is the minimum hours per week.

A lot of other people work 12 hours a week.

How long have you been working at the bookstore?

Since November of last year.

What do you like most about it?

Each day is different. I like the people. (laughs) I also really like the discounts.

What do you like least about it?

I wish people respected the size orders more. I’ve learned to respect people who do this in other stores as well as the people in our own store because there are a lot of racks and you have to check all the sizes on them.

What sort of perks are there to working in the NDSU Bookstore? 

After your first shift, you get a 30 percent employee discount. After a full semester working there, you get 20 percent off textbooks. It’s not a boring office job. And it’s not a nine to five, same thing every day office job.

Do you enjoy working with your coworkers?

Well, yes, but I’m still terrible with names. It took me a while to remember anyone. I kind of have three people that I answer to. Two are the actual clothing department managers and the other one does the games. They’re nice and I like working with them.

Would you recommend this job to others? Why or why not?

I would recommend it because if your major relates to it at all it’s good experience. If it doesn’t, it’s a good break for your brain because it’s something different, every day.

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