New clothing brand, Roll Herd, is student-founded

NDSU student Izaac Nosbisch talks about his clothing brand

Students looking for everyday Bison merch to wear, look no further. NDSU student, Izaac Nosbisch, has the perfect brand for every young Bison fan on campus. Roll Herd, the clothing brand started by Nosbisch features both minimalistic and unique, vibrant designs, made by Nosbisch himself. 

Nosbisch runs the brand primarily by himself but has many friends who have helped him along the way.
Photo Courtesy | Izaac Nosbisch

Nosbisch is the sole owner and founder who wears many hats for his brand, from design, web management and social media presence.

Nosbisch who has always been passionate about drawing and clothing wanted to find an outlet to share his passions with students. 

“I really like the skeleton, flames and stuff like that and then of course, our school, the Bison,” Nosbisch said. “I am really into fitness and stuff like that so there are some brands in that realm I try to get inspiration from.”

Nosbisch creates his designs featured on his clothing brand on his iPad using Photoshop.

He started the clothing brand last year in March and wants to use his brand to give back to students like him.

“What I was passionate about was trying to think of ways I could get students involved [with his brand] and give back to students,” Nosibisch said. “For the first $2,500 we make we are going to give out a $500 scholarship.”

Nosbisch said his inspiration for giving back comes from the opportunities he has had with scholarships and how they have helped him take financial stress off of his shoulders, which allowed him to pursue his clothing company. Nosibisch’s scholarship will be set up through

The bison brand has a theme of animal skeletons which is highly featured in the upcoming Rivalry collection.
Photo Courtesy | Izaac Nosbisch

Nosbisch wants to continue to evolve his company on campus through ambassador programs, hiring employees and allowing students to explore entrepreneurship. 

Nosbisch uses a print-on-demand system that allows him to be hands off in the production which allows him to focus on marketing and designing for his brand. He said he would like to look into options in the future that would allow them to print and ship themselves.  

Roll Herd has a new collection coming out March 15 called the Rivalry collection, which features the NDSU Bison’s biggest rivals. 

“All I wanna do is figure out how to get as many students involved as possible. If anyone ever has any questions they are more than welcome to come to me and ask anything they want. I am just trying to get students involved and so far I have gotten a lot of great feedback. 

Nosibisch said he is working with a few football players and plans to have another collection release in May. Roll Herd can be found on Instagram @rollherdofficial or their website Scholarship information can also be found on their website.

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