NDSU’s Budget Cuts Equates to Poor Quality of Education

Budget cuts affect our school in many ways.

Something is missing at North Dakota State. It’s not the pride or the school spirit. Perhaps you haven’t noticed it because it hasn’t affected you. What is missing you ask? Lack of options for classes.

I am a journalism major, which falls under the communication department. I have one semester left to go and I struggled to find classes that would get me there.

The journalism major has two tracks. One is broadcast and the other is print. I am in the print track. There are three core classes that I have to take for this track.

I am currently in one of them, photography for the media. This is the first time since 2015 that it has been offered.

Another core class I need might not even be offered anymore, so I had to find a substitute for it.

It is annoying that I have to take classes I am not interested in to just graduate. I love NDSU, but I fear that their choices will make this university an undesirable place to attend.

The quality of education I am receiving isn’t what I would like it to be. I feel like with the lack of options I am not as prepared as students from other universities. How will I be able to compete with them after I graduate?

These budget cuts not only affect me but also the faculty and staff. They are under pressure to take on more work than what is expected of them, just to fill in the gaps they didn’t create.

Some faculty and staff have already left, which will only place more pressure on individuals that remain in the department.

I get that NDSU had to make some tough calls this year. They had to decide what programs needed to be trimmed down. However, cutting education shouldn’t be where they start.

NDSU is currently building a $40 million residence hall. The university hopes this new living space will attract new students.

I think what would attract students would be offering classes they can take so they can actually graduate on time.

In the end, what will be more important is not the apartment you lived in, but the quality of education that you received.

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