NDSU will hire you

Look no further than your own campus for a job

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I didn’t have to go very far to get to work each day, I just stayed on campus.

Speaking purely from experience, I have had great experiences in the employment of NDSU’s Barley Research Project, a job situation that still remains open and will hire you should you be looking for work or just want a summer job.

In my second semester at NDSU, as a poor college student, I was in need of a job for some much-needed income. Through word of mouth, I heard of open positions at the NDSU Agricultural Department and immediately sought work.

I worked in the NDSU Barley Research Project, applying only by showing up to the office of research specialist Brian Cattanach. My job included accompanying other leaders to locations where the university grew barley plots where I would help inoculate, measure, harvest and package the barley stalks. I worked alongside several other students my age but from all walks of life.

Last year I stayed home from work having been advised to stay safely away since the college was entering lockdown for the Covid-19 epidemic. In the meantime, I found work elsewhere, but my positive experience of working for the college stayed with me. I realized I was valued when Cattanach emailed me to see if I was alright in terms of employment.

Many other students have lost jobs and positions due to the quarantine and may be in need of income. Why not work at the college if you attend for class anyways? Aware of these opportunities and knowing other students are not, I met with former employer Mr. Cattanach to get a better view of his situation in terms of student employment and if they are seeking it.

“We always have summer students and part-time students involved during the School year to process seed, clean seed, and do research work… helping us in the research plots through the state of North Dakota,” Cattanach explained. 

Regarding the possibility of having too many applicants for the available jobs, he replied “There’s maybe been a few times when we applications where we’ve had more people apply than we had positions for, but most of the time (especially during the school year) we’ve had enough students to fill an eight-hour day.”

“We usually pay between 13 to 15 dollars an hour,” Cattanach elaborated, further emphasizing that there are no specific qualities in a student they keep in mind when hiring. Anyone with recent history as a student in the college can simply apply for the job. “It doesn’t matter what backgrounds these kids have, they don’t have to be majoring in Agriculture to be working here.”

Quarantine has made work at the college difficult as masks must be worn and suitable distancing has been put in place. However, despite a low amount of hired student activity, the possibility of students being hired at the college is still open.

“We have a (job) posting down on the NDSU career link…Currently we have several graduate students working, that number fluctuates from year to year.” There is currently a job open at the Barley Breeding Seed program.

In a final statement of the work, Cattanach explained “I think it’s a good experience for students to travel the state of North Dakota. It’s a good job for college students, even if it’s different than what they’re majoring in. I think it’s a good opportunity.”

There are other job postings at NDSU. I joined with the Barley Research Project over other positions mainly due to availability. I had the opportunity to work as a desk clerk under the Information Technology Division under administrator MS. Navneet Desi.

NDSU is always looking for people to hire for jobs on campus, and who better to hire than us students. Work is always available at the college and only requires your availability. Some teachers are willing to hire class helpers and The Spectrum is willing to hire writers, all it requires from you to get started is a simple call from you or a simple search on the NDSU site you may have already heard of.

If you or a person you know are currently having trouble finding work and are open to a position at the college, please apply at the NDSU career link and a position may open for you.

I highly recommend working at the college as it is a good experience for learning about yourself in a working community and may also open your eyes more to NDSU less as a school and more as an opportunity to be more helpful while also making some money. NDSU will hire you, look into it.

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