NDSU student highlight

Asking an NDSU student for a random interview has its perks

Have her sell you a ticket to the Billy Bison and the Chocolate Factory

Aimlessly walking around the Memorial Union has its perks when the goal is to interview a random student.

I was lucky enough to come across Danica, who was sitting at one of the booths at the Memorial Union selling tickets for Billy Bison and the Chocolate Factory.

To start off, Where are you from?

I’m from Larimore, North Dakota

What are you majoring in?

I’m majoring in music and economics with a minor in computer science.

That’s great, are you involved in anything else at NDSU?

Yes, I’m involved in The Blue Key Honor Society, concert choir, madrigal singers, and I founded the Place: An Arts Community.

First off, I see the sign here for the Billy Bison and the Chocolate Factory.. What exactly is it?

Billy Bison and the Chocolate Factory is put on by the Blue Key Honor Society and we invite fraternities, sororities, and other organizations to perform skits/little shows. Tickets are $5 and the show is October, 10 at 7:30pm.

And what is the Blue Key Honor Society?

The honors society saying is, through serving I live. So, a lot of what we do is about giving back. We do a lot of volunteering and all the proceeds for the show (Billy Bison and the Chocolate Factory) go toward Handi-Wheels Transportation.

Handi-Wheels Transportation website states, they are, a “non-profit organization, that is dedicated to providing affordable and accessible transit services to those in need in Fargo and West Fargo.”

That’s great, and you said earlier you started the Place: An Arts Community?

Yes, I started the organization. I was the president but have since handed over the reigns, I’ll be graduating this year.

And what’s the Place: An Arts Community, Who is involved with the organization?

The goal of the organization is to better integrate people from all majors who either make art or who just enjoy it. We want to connect people from across the campus. Majors are split up between halls and that creates a divide. I wanted to start Place: In Art’s Community for everybody to connect and ideally start having art major’s talk from different campuses.

Are there any events that the Place: An Art’s Community is a part of?

Yes, We put on college arts fest and we also submit performance work.

Thank you Danica for your time.

Next week, maybe you’ll find yourself being the one randomly interviewed in the Memorial Union.

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