NDSU Bookstore gets a new cover

The NDSU Bookstore continues its renovation with changes aimed at making the space more welcoming and navigable.  

According to Kimberly Anvinson, the NDSU Bookstore Director, the first part of the construction is complete and of all the changes, lighting is their “top priority.” The new design is brighter resulting in the space to feel more open and exciting.

A new course material desk, where textbooks and dorm packages are picked up, will be centrally located at the back of the store. This renovated layout leaves more space for customers and is more visible from the entrance.

The NDSU Bookstore takes on new renovations to make the space more inviting to customers. Photo Courtesy | Hayden Austin

The previous bookstore only had one fitting room, and its location was not as apparent. Two new fitting rooms will be added and can be found near the new customer service desk.

The biggest change will be the removal of the separation between the Bookstore and the Heard Shop. Before, customers could not browse both stores without checking out. Each side had its own register. The new design will connect both stores and include one joint register.

Additionally, in front of the bookstore, there is also renovation to improve the accessibility ramp at the entrance of the Memorial Union.

“The turn was very sharp and people could knock into the cement wall,” said Anvinson. “The new ramp is aimed at making it easier for the handicapped visitors by having it be more open and wide for them to make them turn.”

For the bookstore, and Memorial Union overall, Anvinson’s goal is to have “everyone who comes into our building feel a little more welcome.”

Much of the construction is still in progress. In the meantime, the bookstore will continue offering all services.

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