NDSU announces that students will have free parking on campus

John Swanson | Photo Courtesy
Students won’t have to outrun the parking officer anymore.

No more worrying about parking tickets

This has been a difficult year for people on campus and around the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has not only affected students’ mental health, grades and social life but also students’ college experiences. Because of the difficulties that encompassed student activity this year, NDSU has decided to make campus more accessible by providing free parking to all students.

Oftentimes the hardest part of coming to campus is getting to campus. The lack of parking has prohibited students from coming to campus and maybe the reason so many did online school this semester. Parking has been a worry and complaint for students for many years. NDSU has now listened to the students complaints.

This free parking will allow students to enjoy their activities and classes on campus without worrying that they are going five minutes over in the parking lot. The fear of getting a fine of $20 can often outweigh the stress of their academics.

By not getting to park on campus, students have less motivation to come to campus and other campus activities. Now that free parking is available to all students, NDSU will be seeing more students attending campus events and opportunities. Students will come flooding back to get a parking spot.

By allowing free parking for students, campus will be busier than ever. All those people who were forced to ride buses or walk to campus will finally have a safe and easy way to get to their classes. Waiting for the bus or alternate forms of transportation can leave students unsure and uneasy if they will make it to class. However, this new regulation will finally help those who have suffered through the years be reassured that they will definitely make it to class on time.

Free parking will not only help students get to class, but also save them time. By not waiting for the bus or walking, students will be able to quickly drive to campus themselves. Free parking will motivate students to come to campus, be more social and participate in events. One student stated, “I would go to the union to do classes, but every time I try I get ticketed.” Difficulties getting to class will no longer be an issue and all students will be able to maximize their learning potential.

Monopoly has come to life with “Free Parking” for all. Students can only hope that this is not a temporary change and that it lasts through the next semesters.

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